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Testimonials from the ONEHOPE Community

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a Cause Entrepreneur with ONEHOPE but aren’t sure what to expect, our community is here to help. Here are direct quotes from a few of our Cause Entrepreneurs about the amazing perks for joining a group that’s dedicated to making a positive impact on the world around them.

Sell Wine From Home

What they love about the community…

“One year ago I was in Napa, celebrating with a small group of Cause Entrepreneurs who had also earned the Director, Founding Leader “title.” I was so proud and excited to go. It was an amazing weekend. I will never forget it.

One year later, what I know for sure: the base of what we do is spread the message of ONEHOPE, support and promote our cause partners, help our hosts promote and raise funds for the causes near and dear to them, and we get to drink some pretty damn good wine! We also set the example by leading with compassion and heart.

One year later, what I also know for sure is the BONUS of what we RECEIVE is a community. A community of people that will become friends, trusted advisors, confidants, coaches, teachers, cheerleaders, fellow philanthropists, and family. We are always more productive when we feel connected. We always feel more joy when we are making a difference and when we are a part of something bigger than ourselves.

I am forever grateful and extremely blessed that I have this community. I hope you feel the same.” – Lisa

What they feel about giving back…

“It’s truly an honor to do what we do and see the impact that we make. My team alone gave over $15k to local charities in the month of November. I’m consistently in awe of what happened when I decided to join ONEHOPE and the ripple that it created over time. What we are capable of as a team now completely humbles me as a person. I could have never in my wildest dreams imagined that one decision, me joining ONEHOPE, could lead to helping so many people and benefitting so many lives. It may sound sappy but it really is an overwhelmingly good feeling.”- Wendy

What they think about the technology…

I’m not sure if I’m the only one but I may have woken up every hour on the hour and was having ONEHOPE dreams. These changes are AMAZING. The updated website and everything is beautiful!!!

Home office, I really can’t express how your hard work and making these enhancements is much appreciated! I just want to virtually cheers you guys!” – Catie

What they enjoy about the wine…

“Holy Cow. Seriously. Mari you’ve outdone yourself [with the new Vintner Collection]! Had a couple of girlfriends down tonight who have been great customers of mine for the past 4 years, and who KNOW THEIR WINES. 5 Stars all around!

Started with the Pinot Noir: lovely earthiness on the nose, ripe fruit…exactly what a Pinot should be! Moved on to the Red Blend. I’m speechless. I liked our Core Red Blend, but it was a tad sweet for me ~ this one? Amazing. Complex. Great tannins and mouth feel. Then opened the Chardonnay to accompany our lemon Dijon chicken ~ so I thought I loved our Core Chard, this one is a grand slam. Again, not overly oaky, subtle vanilla and beautiful, smooth citrus.” -Leslie

What they take from our conferences…

The best things in life aren’t things! I know posts are going like rapid fire from our amazing CRUSH- ONEHOPE conference. Yes, we got great food, great dinner, fabulous wine, awards, incredible swag bag with amazing gifts. But what we leave with are:

-Lifetime FRIENDSHIPS across the country

-EMPOWERMENT that we are making a difference in something greater than ourselves, -STRENGTH that we can accomplish goals that we set our minds to and we have a team of leaders cheering us on

-CONFIDENCE that we can go out of our comfort zones and challenge ourselves

-ENERGIZED by a CEO, our Founders, winemakers, and Home Office that are great leaders and so mission focused AND make us feel so important

-LOVE from our friends and family that support us in our passion for ONEHOPE and let us explore this adventure.

The best things in life aren’t things! Can’t wait to see you all at CRUSH next year!” -Cynthia

What they say about the opportunity…

“Said it before… will continue to say it! #bestjobever #onehopewine #nowhiring #wine #ownboss #lifechanging Get it on the #growth NOW!” – Tracy

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If you want to learn more about selling wine from home, earning an income, and making an impact with ONEHOPE, click the link below to get started. Or if you’d like to host a wine tasting and see a Cause Entrepreneur in action, click here.

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