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Bridal Shower Planning Tips

As wedding season rolls around, chances are you’ll be invited to attend or be a part of someone’s upcoming nuptials. If this year has you planning a bridal shower, here are a few tips to make it memorable for everyone.

bridal shower table spread with cupcakes

Bridal Shower Planning Tips:

1. Invitations

Typically your event will be held between two weeks and two months prior to the wedding. Invitations should go out at least three weeks prior to the event but try for a full six weeks of notice. Invitations can be online via a service such as Paperless Post, or by mail, if you prefer a more traditional feel. But before these can go out, you need to make sure a few things are in order. Here’s your checklist:

  • Confirm a solid guest list with the bride. Be sure that all invitees are also on the wedding guest list.
    • Don’t forget to make sure the bride has a say on if the part is for females only or will be co-ed.
  • Make sure the invitation highlights who will be showered, where the event will be held (with address), the event time, and an RSVP deadline and method.
  • Give those traveling from out of time a courtesy phone call in advance of sending out the invitation, to give them extra time to make travel arrangements.


bridal shower invitations

2. Decorations

This is where your own style comes into play! While you will want the décor of your event to reflect the bride-to-be’s personality, the final choices are yours. You should start on this part of your job right away, by deciding on either a theme or at least a color scheme. Once that’s done, here’s a checklist for the rest of your planning.

  • One month before: Complete your shopping for linens, paper items, balloons, and other décor.
  • Two weeks before: Place your floral order, if you’re using flowers
  • One day before/ day of Set up venue

Bridal shower table spread

table spread 2

3. Activities

For a bridal shower, you should plan on offering at least one activity to entertain guests. Some good ideas are bridal shower bingo, pass the bouquet (musical chairs), or pin the mustache on the groom! See more fun ideas on Martha Stewart Weddings! Apart from research, you should also be sure that you:

  • If a game is a bit taboo, make sure the bride has advance knowledge and approves. Especially if you’re hosting the event in the home of her relatives or siblings.
  • Purchase all necessary components.
  • Purchase prizes for game winners.

photobooth props

4. Food/Drink

For food, we recommend having both healthy and fun options for your guests to enjoy. Some healthy options could include cheese + crackers (see how to make a delicious Chardonnay cheese plate here), fruit or veggie trays, or mini bite-sized sandwiches. Some not-so-healthy ideas may include mini cookies, tiny tarts, or cupcakes. Think smaller bite-sized dishes so your guests can snack all day! For drinks, we recommend glitter brut bottles (obviously), sangria, water, soda, juice, and coffee/tea! Don’t forget:

  • Get the bride’s approval if you plan to offer alcohol. This can be a sensitive subject for some brides or the guests she wants to invite.
  • Purchase spirits in advance before the party, plan for a week or two. Save the receipts if you plan to return unopened bottles.
  • Make sure you have enough glassware for each guest.

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cupcakes and presents


5. Party Favors/Memoirs

A special day has to be celebrated with special takeaways from the event! Our mini glitter bottles are perfect for this purpose! You could also do a DIY craft at the event, or use a disposable camera to create your own photo-booth. Here’s when to make it happen.

  • Three months before: Decide on favors
  • One month before: Order favors. If they’re coming from overseas, allow for two months.
  • One week before: Assemble and wrap favors

mini glitter bottles

bridal shower presents

Now you are ready to plan your own bridal shower party!


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