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Community Spotlight: Meet Chavon

Some join our community looking for a fulfilling career. Some join after losing a job and they need a way to support their family. Some join simply because they love wine and making new friends. Whatever the reason, each Cause Entrepreneur at ONEHOPE has one thing in common: they are here to enrich the lives of others by sharing wine and giving hope to those in need. Thus is the case for Chavon, an Executive Cause Entrepreneur, that has supported countless organizations like the Alzheimer’s Association, Equal Justice Initiative, and The Conscious Kid since joining. Learn more about her journey below. 

Sip with Sass

Meet Chavon from Martinsburg, West Virginia. Chavon’s introduction to ONEHOPE happened at a fortuitous time, “I had just lost a major part of my income and needed the money.” In the end, it was Chavon’s love of wine, giving back to meaningful causes and meeting new people that ultimately drove her to join the ONEHOPE community. “I LOVE wine and I absolutely love fundraising and giving back to causes. I love meeting new people, introducing them to our amazing wines, raising money for their organizations, making new sipster friends, etc. It was a no-brainer to become a CE.”

Transform Your Tasting

Chavon turns her tastings into fun, themed experiences with a signature “simple yet sassy” ambiance. “Sass is my nickname, hence my ONEHOPE tagline, ‘Sip With Sass.’ A simple fruit platter and meat, cheese, and cracker platter will suffice for food. For the 29 Twelve Dessert Wine, I supply guests with brownies to pair. As far as decoration, I chose a black/white/gold theme and personalized ‘Sip With Sass’ wine glasses. I also put roses in empty wine bottles. The guests really loved that.”

Pour From the Heart

Chavon hosts monthly events to fundraise for a range of causes near to her heart. In addition to raising money for the Alzheimer’s Association, in support of her mother who was diagnosed several years ago, she has also fundraised for Equal Justice Initiative and The Conscious Kid, in support of racial justice and education.

Join our community today

Interested in learning more about becoming a Cause Entrepreneur with ONEHOPE? Reach out to your local Cause Entrepreneur or visit the Join page on our website and fill out the form to get more information.


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