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Practicing Self Care During Mental Health Month

The past year has challenged us mentally, physically, and emotionally. During times of stress and anxiety, we must do all that we can to take care of our well-being in every manner possible. Now more than ever, it’s important for us to practice the art of self care. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re sharing tips for simple practices you can start at home to foster more connection both with yourself and others. 

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Reach out to a loved one

While Zoom burnout is very real, we must not forget the importance of staying connected to the ones we love. If there’s a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in a while, or someone you know that will always be there to lift your spirits, make time in your schedule to call and catch up with them. Check in to see how they are feeling and how you can support one another near or far.

Read a book (with a glass of wine)

Whether we like it or not, screen time tends to dominate our daily lives, and the benefits of taking a step back and giving your eyes (and mind) some time to relax, are immeasurable. Put down the phone, turn off the TV, shut down the computer, and swap a couple hours of screen time for some reading time. Find a new book you’ve been dying to open, or revisit a comforting favorite you know from cover to cover. Cozy up in bed and add a glass of your favorite ONEHOPE wine for the perfect evening in. 

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Wind down before bed

Getting a good night’s sleep is of the utmost importance for your mental health. If you haven’t been getting enough sleep, there are plenty of ways to calm your mind before heading to bed. Here are a few things you can try:

-Avoid screens for at least an hour before bedtime

-If you struggle with anxiety, jot down tomorrow’s tasks, or things that are making you anxious to help clear your mind before sleep

-Download a free meditation app and try a 5 or 10-minute meditation session

-Refrain from sugar and caffeine at night

-Use an essential oil like lavender or chamomile to calm the mind and senses 

-Create a bedtime routine you look forward to each night. Whether that’s a bath, book, meditation, or a combination of all of the above

-Exercise regularly and be sure to spend time outside during the day to help you fall into a deeper sleep

-If you’re still having trouble sleeping, try getting out of bed and reading to calm yourself, rather than staring at a clock or phone 

Schedule some much-needed “me time”

Life gets busy, schedules become overwhelming, and it’s easy for days to slip away from us. Block time off in your calendar to connect with yourself by scheduling some well-deserved “me time.” Whether that’s getting your nails done, treating yourself to a store you haven’t visited in awhile, or practicing a hobby that soothes your mind and spirit, we all deserve time to ourselves.

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Draw a relaxing bubble bath

A quick shower can get the job done, but there’s something so refreshing about taking a long, luxurious bubble bath at home. Light some candles, add some epsom salt or a scented bath bomb, grab your favorite book and a glass of wine, and slip into the warm embrace of the tub. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water if you’re enjoying a glass of wine or bubbly in the bath!

Support MindUP For Life this month

If you’re looking for a way to give back during Mental Health Awareness Month, visit our fundraiser where 10% of every purchase gives back to MindUP For Life: The Goldie Hawn Foundation. ONEHOPE has proudly donated $25,000 to MindUP to help 10,000 children develop the mental fitness necessary to thrive in school and life. Shop our fundraiser or host an event, and don’t forget to add 6+ bottles to your cart to unlock our Cause Pack for 50% off. Together we can make an even greater impact with this amazing organization. 

Visit our fundraiser here


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